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At Healing Lotus Counseling and Wellness, clients achieve well-being in all areas - viewing wellness through a "mind-body-spirit-connection" lense. 


Mind - explore and understand your unique neurology, examine limiting core beliefs, develop news ways of thinking about yourself-others-the world, create or expand upon a heathy and empowering inner environment (your mind!), and more.

Body - learn to listen to and honor the wisdom of your body, learn ways to sooth and regulate your nervous system, release what you have stored up in your body in the form of tension and tightness, develop ways to move your body to move your mind, explore and respond to the ways your physical and mental health are interconnected, and more.

Spirit - attend to and nurture the essence of who you are, tune into and develop what makes you YOU, explore and develop the pillars of your personal value system, reconnect with and reclaim aspects of yourself that you have had to leave in the past, find or strengthen your connection to your inner knowing and wisdom, and more.

Connection - tune into and strengthen your connection to yourself-others-the world, explore and address the impact your childhood attachment patterns have on your current functioning and relationships, release yourself from constraints of unhealthy relationship patterns by learning and implementing new and healthy boundaries, explore your purpose and deeper connection to this life you are living, and more.  


Alicia Clifford, LCSW-R, MHt, BCD

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Board Certified Diplomate in Social Work


Located at

101 Lake Drive

Liverpool, NY 13088

Convenient Parking Available Out Front

To contact Alicia, please text or email (no calls please).

Text: (315) 877-6256


Any questions are welcomed prior to scheduling!  


Sessions are all in-person and by appointment only.  


Sessions can be schedule via the buttons below.

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